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Turkey Enclosure Project

Poultry potential...

Raising poultry is a great benefit to the rural pastor. With a coop like this he will be able to more efficiently raise poultry that can be used for eggs and for meat. The hens lay eggs that can be sold daily in the market and the jakes can be sold for meat.

By helping the pastors learn some simple modern poultry techniques they will be equipped to provide for things such as school fees for their children, or other daily necessities. The eggs and meat will also directly provide needed protein for the pastor and his family.

Building an enclosure for Pastor Sosan who is currently being trained in poultry raising, will facilitate his own poultry project for his family, He is also going to then be able to serve future cohorts of pastors coming through the Rural Pastors Training by teaching them in the poultry rearing techniques he is learning. 

This enclosure will be the foundational enclosure for all future poultry projects at the Rural Pastors Project, won't you be a part of this foundational project.

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