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It takes a lot of people just like you to make everything around here work.  Join a team Today!

Get Involved in a RPI Mission Trip

We are the Body of Christ: Some Hands, Some Feet, Some Ears, Some Hearts, All One Body!
You are Important!
You have been Gifted! You are Wanted!

There are so many ways to be involved in a Mission Trip with RPI...


Have you always loved to sing or play an instrument? We have a place for you!

Do you have the gift of teaching or evangelism? We have a place for you!

Would you like to give towards this ministry or sponsor a mission trip member? 

No mater your age, we desire to allow all Followers of Jesus to use their gifts, abilities, and talents. 

Some areas of service may require some training and/or mentorship time, and we may require a background check, but we desire to have you get involved. If you don't see an area that you would like to serve in but have an interest in, talk to us; we might just be able to help you connect in some way to one of our mission ministries. Welcome to YOUR mission!

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